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2-Pc Chipboard

RTE-sChipboard Mailers
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Chipboard Mailers
Chipboard Mailers

Clay-Coat Kraft-Back material provides superior edge, impact protection and beam strength.
Chipboard construction prevents bending and flexing.
100% recyclable, 95% post-consumer content is environmentally friendly.
Self-seal, tamper-evident closure with paper-release liner and tear strip makes mailer easy-to-use with a secure closure, and easy and clean to open.

2PC Chipboard White
2PC Chipboard White

Rigid chipboard, full telescoping feature accommodates various sizes of product or paper thicknesses. Box styles for stationary and mailing.
Chipboard Pads
Chipboard Pads

Chipboard pads provide added strength to envelopes and mailers.
  • Use as a backing for pictures
  • Protect photographs
  • Provides layering protection

Chipboard RTEs
Chipboard RTEs

RTE's are truly utility cartons. Constructed from brown-lined chipboard they meet government specification PPP-B-566. The caliper is .020 and .024 depending on the size.
  • Self locking for fast and easy assembly - No staples or tape required
  • Usually used as a protective inner pack for master packing applications
  • Ideal for compact items susceptible to scratching or wraping
  • Stored flat until ready to use and packed in shipping cartons