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Tissue Paper Newsprint

#1 White Wrapping Tissue


A 100% recycled, off-white industrial grade general packing and stuffing tissue.

  • Has good strength in all wrapping directions.
  • Provides excellent cushioning protection when crushed.
  • Excellent for a variety of applications from separating fabric, non-critical interleaving of metals, stuffing, wrapping parts, as well as retail gift wrapping and packing.

Non Tarnishing Wrapping Tissue

A PH controlled sheet ideal for wrapping and interleaving tarnish-prone metal items such as aluminum and copper cookware, litho plates, etc.

White unprinted dunnage newsprint is an excellent and economical packaging material for wrapping light items, void fill or as an interleaving sheet.

  • Provides a clean and easy packaging solution.
  • Lightweight helps keep shipping costs down.