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Box Cutter Blades Retractable Knives
  • ARD-K100 comes with a Belt Clip Holder
  • ARD-K140 and ARD-K160 with rubber grip for better handling and comfort.
Utility Blades Snap Blade Knives Snap Blades
Hobby Knives Tip N Tell Drop N Tell
*KNIFE- Sharpest and most durable blades.For delicate,precision cutting,trimming and stripping.Easily cuts paper,balsa,thin metal,cloth,film and acetate.Lightweight aluminum handheld.Includes #11 classic fine point zirconium nitride-coated blade.

*BLADES- Precision crafted of the highest quality carbon with hard,sharp points and finely-honed cutting edges.

Know when your packages have been tipped during shipment
  • Damage is indicated when blue beads break through to top
  • Fastens securely to box
  • Improves handling of packages by shippers
Know when your packages have been dropped during shipment
  • Helps to check for shock damage
  • Detector sticks to product and comes with a warning label
Glue Guns Glue Sticks Adhesive Squares
  • All glue guns take standard 1/2" x 10" glue stick. 120V construction.
  • Excellent for boxes, wood and plastic
  • 16 sticks / lb.
  • 4,000 pieces of 1/2" x 1/2" glue squares in a dispenser box
  • 15 mil thick glue squares bond instantly
  • Easy application saves you time and labor
  • Attach coupons, cards or samples to products
  • Available in medium, high and super tack
Industrial Spray Label Dispensers Digital Scale
Adhesive Spray

  • Simply spray and stick
  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals

Silicone Spray

  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Prolongs Life of Cutting Tools, Blades, etc.

Adhesive Remover
Removes adhesive residue, heavy oils, grease, silicone, tar & grime
  • Heavy duty shipping / receiving scale
  • Large 14" x 14" platform accomodates large packages
  • Measures in either pounds or kilograms
  • Detachable display panel with 6' cord
  • Hold and tape feature
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Operates on 9-volt battery or 120-volt with included adapter
Economy Counting Scale Industrial Counting Scale Bench Scale
High standard strain gauge load cell system ensures accuracy in full capacity ran.
Stainless steel platform ensures perfect repeatability and off-center accuracy.
3 separate displays: total weight,unit weight & unit count.
Various counting modes and tare (add functions).
Programmable alarm for certain weight and quantity.
Large high contrast LCD display and LED backlight.
Sampling function operation very easy.
Rechargeable battery is built in and power chord is included.

  • Rugged & durable
  • Stainless steal platter
  • Reads Kg. or Lbs.
  • Auto zero tracking
  • 18mm (0.7") LCD display
  • Stores accumulated total quantity
  • Overweight alarm settings
  • A/C or rechargeable battery power
  • Compact design lightweight
  • Constant memory of 4 unit weight
  • Easy to read backlight function
  • High low limit setting
Stainless steel platform - 12" x 16" x 29"
Measures up to 440 lbs or 200 kgs
Counting feature: either in pounds or kilograms
Accuracy range - 10 grams or .02 lbs
Wide LCD screen for flawless reading
Removable 20" tower included
Programmable alarm feature

Plastic Truck Seals Premier (Flat) & Globe Truck Seals Bolt Cutters
  • Self Locking Seal
  • Consecutively Numbered
  • 22 lbs. resistance
  • Self-locking, permanent, mechanical closure
  • 8.75" x 5/16" metal strap
  • Plain or colored
  • Tamper resistant
    • Heavy-duty cutter
    • For use with truck seals, etc.
    • Cutting capacity 3/8"
    • Handle is 24" long
    Top Staplers Bottom Staplers Stapling Pliers
    Stapler Removers Pneumatic Plier Stapler for Corrugated Carton Tray Assembly Staples
    Desiccants Twine Packing List Envelopes
    Desiccant is described by "Unit" rather than size due to the differing absorbent properties of the products used. A "Unit" is the quantity of desiccant which will absorb 3.00 grams of water vapor at 20% relative humidity or 6.00 grams of water vapor at 40% relative humidity. A "Unit" of clay is typically 33 grams.
    To determine which Unit size desiccant is best, the following information is needed: 1) type and size of container 2) type and amount of product being protected 3) environmental conditions.
    • Inhibit the onset of mildew, rust, mold and corrosion.
    • Designed to absorb the moisture found in a sealed package or container.
    • Tyvek® bags are non-dusting and FDA approved.
    • All bags meet MIL-D-3464E TYPE I & II requirements.
    • Montmorillonite clay is a calcium aluminum silicate. It's natural & non-hazardous.
    • Spiral wrapped synthetic twines
    • Polypropylene twine is soft and easy on hands
    • Knots easily, hold tightly. Won't become brittle
    • ·         Listed sizes are outside dimensions
    • ·         Instant pressure sensitive adhesion to all types of shipping containers
    • ·         Back Loading unless otherwise stated
    • ·         Heavy gauge protective liner for easy handling and removability
    • ·         Bright colors draw attention to contents
    • ·         1,000 per case