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Shrink Tunnel
CN-4520A is designed for continuous shrinking of PVC and polypropylene films used in shrink packaging.  It is equipped with an adjustable speed conveyor and 2 temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters.  The tunnel is heated on 4 sides by 10 infrared replaceable tubes.  The machine is equipped with a stand and wheels and can be placed on a tabletop or left free standing.  


   Infrared shrink tunnel system
   Automatic operation
   Heating on four sides
   10 infrared replaceable tubes
   Separate adjustable temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters

Easy to operate.  You simply turn on the power and the heater and adjust the conveyor speed according to the thickness of the film.  Put the package on the conveyor belt and the film shrinks tightly around the package as it goes through the tunnel.