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Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Eco-Friendly Foam Eco-Friendly PELASPAN BIO Peanuts

 Green Bubble features the same exceptional strength and cushioning properties as the existing bubble.  Green Bubble is manufactured from recycled polyethylene resins including a minimum of 20% post-consumer waste material and a minimum of 20% post-industrial waste material content.

Like the commercial grade bubble this environmentally friendly product is:

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Available in 3/16", 5/16", 1/2" thickness
**Shipped locally via Better Pak truck, all others via Motor Freight 
PE Foam is made from low-density polyethylene resins (LDPE). It is lightweight, non abrasive, water resistant, CFC’s and HCFCs free, and 100% recyclable. If surface protection is your number one priority, our quality PE Foam is ideal for the job. It prevents scratches of polished surfaces and cushions against shock for fragile products. It also serves as interleaving between products to ensure compact packaging, void filling and protective over-wrapping for goods

Please call for pricing.  All are custom made and there are minimum quantities for all sizes.  We need to know the quantity, width, and thickness of your order.

Protects the environment: it is 100% recyclable, does not contaminate groundwater, suitable for use with food packaging and produced without CFC.  Loose Fill made from vegetable starch is water soluble and is 100% biodegradable.

Eco-Friendly 100% Recycled Kraft Wrapping Paper Eco-Friendly Roll Towels Eco-Friendly Multifold Towels
Recycled brown Kraft Paper is an environmentally friendly alternative to
Natural and Virgin Kraft papers and is available at a lower cost per
  • Economical multi-purpose packaging material
  • Provides
    less tear and bursting strength and will break down more easily when
    exposed to friction or moisture, when compared to Natural Kraft
  • Uniformly wound
  • Uses include, over-wrap, bundling, interleaving, dunnage, cushioning and unitizing
Interfolded to ease dispensing. They open to their full size when dispensed.
Available in a variety of basis weights, natural or white, one or two ply.
Eco-Friendly Singlefold Towels Eco-Friendly Air Plus Pillows Eco-Friendly C-Fold Towels
These towels have just one fold, and they are interlocked so when one is withdrawn
the next follows into dispensing position.We offer many grades, from a lightweight
natural to the highest quality white towel.
Biodegradable DuraClear™ 2000 (EGDC) is a linear low density polyethylene that contains a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation of the poly in nine months to five years, depending on exposure conditions. Material performance properties and shelf life remain in tact, as biodegradation only occurs when in contact with other biodegrading material, such as the conditions found in landfills, home and commercial composting. EGDC pillows biodegrade in both aerobic (with the presence of free oxygen) and anaerobic (without the presence of free oxygen) conditions. Designed to be used folded, creating the effect of a two-ply towel. However some items listed dispense open as a one-ply towel. Super absorbency caused by capillary action between the layers of paper. One of the fastest drying towels. Available in bleached white grades.