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Scouring Pads & Sponges Scouring Pads & Sponges Urinal Screens & Deodorant Blocks
*Scouring Pads - scrubs kitchens, walls or maintenence equipment.

*Scrubbing Sponges - combines scouring pad & an absorbant sponge.
*Deoderant Blocks - economical odor control, comes in several scents.

*Urinal Screen with Block - kills odors, up to 1,500 flushes.

*Urinal Mats - prevents debris from clogging drains
Air Fresheners & Dispensers Toilet Seat Covers Seat Covers Dispensers
*Metered & continuous Air Fresheners cover restrooms up to 600 sq. ft.

*Aerosol Air Fresheners are good for restrooms, offices, hospitals & nursing homes.

*Ready to spray aerosol can.

Keep the office and restrooms fresh with Air Fresheners from Better Pak.
*Toilet Seat Covers are flushable & biodegradable. *Dispenses covers one at a time.
*Includes tape or mounting hardware.
Toilet Plunger Sanitary Napkins Soap
Boraxo is the original powdered hand soap, and still the industry leader.  Dual action Boraxo hand soap combines the scrubbing power of borax with the cleaning power of soap to easily dissolve grease and dirt when washing with water.  All Boraxo powdered hand soaps are 100% soluble and safe in septic systems.
Soap Soap Soap
Specially formulated hand creams that meet your needs. Originally developed in 1893, the Lava Bar is the original heavy-duty hand cleaner and one of the best-known hand cleaners in the world. Over the years, Lava has earned a reputation as the brand to use on extremely dirty hands.

  • The power of pumice in Lava cuts through even the toughest grease and grime.
  • Grease, oil, tar, ink, paint, adhesives, caulk, lubricants-Lava cleans it all!