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Polyolefin Shrink films PVC Shrink film Rectangular Shrink Bags
Our Polyolefin Shrink films are recommended for packaging applications where maximum optics and durable wrapping are required.  Strong seals and an excellent shrink appearance are obtained with ease  Suitable for use on medium and high speed packaging systems.  Our films may be safely used in food contact and non-food contact applications.

All items are price per roll.
Our PVC films are an industry standard general shrink film with outstanding sparkle gloss.  The film has high internal tear resistance and good memory.  It offers wrinkle-free shrinkage on high profile and irregular shapes – with good storage characteristics, impact and abrasion resistance.

All items are price per roll.

Rectangular or square bottom shrink bags are ideal for cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s and an alternative way to make spectacular looking gift baskets with or without handles.

  1. Open the bag and put the basket inside to the bottom of the bag.
  2. Tie a ribbon around the bag at the top of the basket.
  3. Shrink the bag around the basket using a heat gun. Don’t direct the heat gun above the ribbon.
Polyolefin Shrink films Powder Free Small, Medium, Large, x-Large per box of 100
Cross linked for superior toughness & Integrity Outstanding heat and scroch resistance. Very user-friendly and easy to use. Excellent transparent clarity.

All items are price per roll.

Shrink Wrap- a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. There are a variety of uses for Shrink wrap and shrink film. Some common uses of shrink wrap are for food, gift baskets, boxes, toys, books, soaps, etc. There are many other applications for shrink wrap that will be discussed later. Below is a breakdown of the two most commonly used types of shrink wrap

PVC Shrink Wrap- A type of shrink wrap used for a variety of applications. The PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is the third most produced plastic in the world. PVC shrink wrap was the most commonly used shrink film, until replaced several years ago by polyolefin (POF) shrink wrap.

Common Uses of PVC Shrink Wrap- PVC shrink wrap uses include: packaging boxes, CD and DVD packaging, software, small canisters, and other non-edible items. PVC Shrink film is also works very well with automated machines.

Drawbacks of PVC Shrink Wrap- Sealing Strength, storage issues, and sealing by-products are common drawbacks of PVC Shrink Wrap. The plasticizer in PVC Shrink wrap hardens in cold conditions and softens under hot conditions, therefore compromising the strength of the seal and the plastic. PVC shrink wrap also releases small quantities of hydrogen Chloride into the air and carbon deposits onto the sealer. Proper ventilation is required when sealing PVC shrink wrap.

Polyolefin Shrink Wrap/Film- A type of shrink wrap that has become the preferred choice for packaging products both edible and non-edible. Polyolefin Shrink wrap is preferred for a variety of reasons including: fewer odors when sealed, stronger seal, and more flexible storage. Polyolefin shrink films do not have any chlorine; therefore they do not produce hydrogen chloride gas. Polyolefin shrink wrap does not have any plasticizers, so temperature is not an issue. Polyolefin can be stored in a wide range of temperatures and does not harden and soften in different environments like PVC shrink film.

Common Uses of Polyolefin Shrink Wrap- Polyolefin shrink film is used for almost every kind of application. Applications include: toys, sporting goods, printed wrap, foods, stationary and cards just to name a few.

Drawbacks of Polyolefin Shrink Wrap- Cost and machine compatibility are the two major drawbacks of Polyolefin shrink film. Polyolefin is commonly more expensive than PVC shrink wrap. Many packagers prefer PVC because of this reason. There are types of polyolefin shrink wraps that are more compatible with machines, but Polyolefin machine compatibility has been an issue of packagers.

When Do I use Shrink Wrap and when do I use Stretch wrap?

Shrink wrap is commonly used to protect and package a single product, like toys or a CD. It also is used to help bundle multiple products together. It is often used to bundle soda, water bottles, and various other packaged products together.

Usually stretch wrap is used to hold boxes and products together on a pallet for transportation. It can also be used to hold other objects together for transportation or storage. Stretch wrap can come in a variety of specialty films. Some examples are: UV stretch wrap, vented pallet wrap, anti-static stretch film, colored stretch film, pre-stretched stretch film, etc.

Is shrink wrap and stretch film recyclable?

Both shrink wrap and stretch film are recyclable. Check with your local recycling center and be sure they accept soft plastics.

Do I need a special shrink wrap machine?

Different applications require machinery. When using shrink wrap, a heating instrument will be needed to shrink the film. There are a variety of instruments to use depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Common instruments are heat guns, L-Bar sealers, I-Bar Sealers, and shrink tunnels. Feel free to click on the links to view examples of uses for each product.

Will a shrink wrap machine cut & seal the shrink wrap all at once?

Yes, most shrink wrap sealers cut and seal the shrink wrap film in one motion. Once sealed and cut, the scraps can be easily peeled away and heat can be applied to the shrink wrap. The heat will reduce the size of the shrink wrap film and help to conform it to the product.

Can a hair dryer replace a shrink wrap heat gun?

No, if you are after a professional look a heat gun is strongly recommended. The wrap needs to reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit to properly shrink the film. Shrink wrap heat guns are very affordable. Click on the link to view our shrink wrap heat guns.

What are shrink wrap bags?

Shrink bags are pre-measured bags commonly made from PVC shrink film and come in a variety of sizes. They offer the ability to place a product or products within the bag for a quick and easy seal. Shrink bags are used for packaging a variety of products including: CD's, DVD's, gift baskets, assorted products, etc. If you are packaging products that will come into direct contact with food, polyolefin bags are required.

How do I measure for shrink wrap tubing?

Start by measuring the circumference of the object that will be shrink wrapped. Once the circumference is identified, add 10% to the circumference. Divide the final number by 2 and that number will be the width of shrink wrap tubing you will need. If the width of shrink wrap tubing needed is not available, it is fine to go with a larger size. PVC shrink wrap tubing can shrink up to 40%.

What gauge of shrink wrap do I need?

We recommend a 75 gauge shrink wrap for products less than 12 pounds. A 100 gauge shrink wrap is recommended for products up to 30 pounds in weight.

How do I measure for shrink wrap bags?

Measure the product being shrink wrapped around its widest point. Add 10% to that circumference and divide the number by two. This number will give you the width of the shrink wrap bag you need.

Next, measure the product to be shrink wrapped all the way around from top to bottom. Once that number is determined, add 10% and then divide by two. This number will tell you the length of the shrink wrap bag needed.

Please give us a call at Better Pak for any further questions that we can assist you with.